Terms and booking conditions

Booking & payment conditions

  • The booking and payment conditions apply to all reservations of pitches and mobile homes made at Camping Brione during the 2024 season.
  • Reservations are considered valid only if made through the website or by email. Prior to final booking you will be sent an offer which may or may not be accepted, it is not binding on either party.
  • To finalize the reservation you must pay the deposit equal to 30% of the total amount or with a minimum amount equal to the value of the first night, within 5 days after receiving the offer. Otherwise the proposed reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • Pitches and mobile homes are assigned by the reservation office, which undertakes to accommodate the wishes of all guests if it is possible, however, any complaints, waivers or other related will be immediately rejected. It is possible to choose a specific pitch number with a fixed contrubution of Euro 50.00 non-refundable or a preference for a zone (south or north) with a fixed contribution equal and Euro 15,00, also non-refundable.
  • The balance of the mobile home/bungalow (= total price minus the deposit paid), must be paid no later than 15 days before arrival, if not paid on time the management has the right to cancel the reservation without refund. The balance of the pitches must be paid upon arrival.
  • The date when the payment will have been registered on the bank account is considered as the date of payment. We ask you to make a URGENT transfer if your reservation is underdated.
  • In the case of special offers there may be different payment methods attached to them. In the event that these payment methods conflict with the provisions of these regulations, they will supersede them.
  • Payment offers, reductions, discounts due to associations, etc., cannot be combined. For each reservation, if applicable, we will offer, after consultation, the most advantageous option for the customer.
  • In case of late arrival or early departure during the stay the price of the night as booked will be applied, extras of the whole period. It is mandatory to always communicate this by email.
  • In case the reserved pitch/mobile home is not occupied, without prior notice, by noon on the day following the day of expected arrival, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • City tax is never included in the offer sent by us. City tax is €1.50 per person per day, for those over the age of 14, for a maximum of 10 consecutive days. City tax must be paid in cash upon arrival.
  • Obvious errors and/or mistakes in general when booking do not legally bind the campsite. In fact, such errors are (from the point of view of an average traveler/camper) immediately recognized as such.
  • In case you have booked a mobile home, refunds will be requested in case of damage to the structure or lost items.
  • Pets are accepted only upon request for a fee and subject to availability in pitches, but NOT in mobile homes/bungalows.
  • Cancellations can only be made in writing. The date of receipt of the e-mail or letter regarding the cancellation is considered the date of cancellation.
  • Cancellation policy:

1) up to 15 days from the date of arrival booked will be refunded the deposit paid withholding Euro 25,00 as administrative costs;

2) less than 15 days from the booked arrival date there will be no refund ( deposit is retained for internal).

3) For mobile homes the same conditions apply, for cancellations up to 15 days before arrival the deposit will be refunded withholding Euro 25,00, for cancellations less than 15 days we will retain the full amount (deposit and balance).

IMPORTANT: No travel insurance is included in the reservation. Regarding cancellations or early departures or other specific cases it is the client himself who must have a private travel insurance, nothing will be due from the camp management.

  • On all our agreements, contracts, terms and conditions the Italian law is applicable.
  •  If any of the provisions in terms and conditions prove to be void or voidable, the remaining provisions will remain in force.
  • Customers by reading are also aware that by reading this agreement, they accept the campground regulations.



from 12 noon (we guarantee the pitch from 3 p.m.)


from 7.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.



from 4 p.m.


from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

* for personal needs please contact the front desk via email.

GATE CLOSING: from 11 pm to 7 am, vehicles are not allowed to circulate. For reservations with late arrivals after the opening hours, it is not posisible to enter except for mobile home reservations whose guests can check in with the night watchman and walk in, leaving the car outside.


Access to the reserved pitch is guaranteed from 3 pm. Access to the reserved accommodation unit is guaranteed from 4 p.m.

It is recommended to plan your trip according to this time.



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